Hi, I’m ntlk, and this is my blog.

I keep a notebook of snippets, photos, recipes and drawings on tumblr. My tilde.club page has a list of books I recently read.

My portfolio lives on a separate site.

Please use the singular they pronoun (they/them/their) when speaking about me in the third person.

2015 Yearnotes

19 January 2016

Last year’s note starts with a sentence about craving new challenges and quitting my job. This year, I craved new challenges and started a studio. But let’s backtrack a bit.

My favourite books of 2015

16 January 2016

I managed to finish thirty three books before the clock struck midnight. I read more fiction that the previous year, thanks to a single book purchased on a whim. It reminded me how much I enjoy reading books that take me into a different world and are absolutely not work related.

Big Bang Data

20 December 2015

If you find yourself with a little bit of spare time around the holidays, you should go to Somerset House to see Big Bang Data.

Launching Buckley Williams

29 October 2015

Today Dan Williams and I are launching our tiny studio, exploring the future through research and prototyping.

Contributoria is closing down

1 September 2015

Contributoria’s focus was always on the writers. I am very proud to have worked on a product that helped journalists to get paid to write the stories that they were interested in.
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