Hi, I’m ntlk, and this is my blog.

I keep a notebook of snippets, photos, recipes and drawings on tumblr. Occasionally hyper_linda and I talk about technology on our podcast. My tilde.club page has a list of books I recently read.

My portfolio lives on a separate site.

Please use the singular they pronoun (they/them/their) when speaking about me in the third person.

Accidentally sharing too much

17 March 2015

The fact that multiple people can use a single object to input data into separate accounts is smart, but the way permissions are handled lacks an understanding of how people live.

Recording in Progress

14 February 2015

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Recording in Progress, but I had a vague idea of what goes on when people get together to record an album. Granted, it’s an unusual album, given that the musicians are working in a room fitted with a one-way glass in an art gallery, but I had a rough idea what it might be like.

2014 Yearnotes

12 January 2015

I realised at the beginning of last year that I had become too comfortable with my job and craved a new challenge, so in April I left Makeshift to become a freelancer again.

My favourite books of 2014

1 January 2015

In 2014 I managed to mostly read books on a theme of making technology, and how it expresses our values.

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